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  Commissioned Sales Openings

CONTACT: Andrew Morstad
PHONE: 612-916-1032

Selling of Transnet rating systems either by phone sales or business to business. Commission will be paid on systems sold; systems are sold on a 'per month' basis; commission will be paid for the duration of the system, for a maximum of 10 years.

3-5 years of background in LTL transportation, either as traffic manager and/or carrier account manager. The ideal candidate will already be working in the transportation industry as a TL rep, broker, or freight related hardware rep (LTL rep's will have a conflict of interest).

Responsible for contacting potential customers, following up on sales leads as requested, and making follow- up visits to existing customers. Transnet does not have quotas for commissioned sales persons; however, territories with no activity will be considered available to future account reps.


Transnet Background:
The principals involved in Transnet are Jim Boettcher and Andrew Morstad. Andrew's background is in math (B.S. in Math/Physics) and computer programming. Jim's background is 13 years as a traffic manager and three years as an operations manager of an LTL terminal. Transnet installed its first testing (beta) programs in 1996. Our first production programs were installed in 1997 and have been in continuous use. In addition to the LTL systems shown on our web site, we have developed custom programs for companies such as: UPS, Van Someren, Koch Logistics, ScanCheck, Eco Lab and USPS.

Transnet Sales:
To date we have relied on our web site, word of mouth and the local / annual transportation show for our customers. If you would like to join the sales team please contact us.


For additional information, contact us via email or phone.

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