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The rest of the data you are going to enter will appear in the body of your bill of lading. First is the number of pieces of freight for this freight class. You may list the same freight class more than once.
GROUP COUNT - This allows shipper to type in one preset item and have it fill in the correct sub quantities, descriptions and freight class. Item / Part number must be used with group count. (See bottom of page for example)
ITEM / PART NUMBER - This field can be used without using group count, part numbers can be pre-installed and may also be added if not in the list.
PIECES - This field is for the number of pieces of freight for this freight class. You may list the same freight class more than once.
File report view setup sorting
Run rates print BOL customer location shipment date edit buttons
New shipment consignee name street address special instructions shipment number bill of lading number
Origin postal code destination zip code consignee city state zip prefered carriers pro purchase order number of skids accessorial charges freight terms bill to location
Shipment details product item number piece count weight wt hz hazardous materials product description nmfc item number dollar spread between highest and lowest carrier shipment date destination city zip code total cost carrier selected
The following example shows a table shipping as
- one table pedastel
- one table top
- hardware
This feature allows us to type in only the part quantity and select the 'Item' / part number. From these two entry's the system
- calculates the number of pcs
- calculates the line weight
- sets each class
- sets HZ
- sets descriptions
- sets NMFC item and sub id
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TRACKING - Shippers # - Carrier Pro # - Purchase Order # - Bill of Lading #
DETAIL - Piece Count - Product Weight - Product Description - Freight Class
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