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CARRIER RATES - On the right side of the screen, the rates are now showing next to the carrier. They are sorted with the least expensive always on top. But also be sure to look at the days and type of service.
If you have more than 10 carriers serving this point you will need to scroll down to check the rest.
CARRIER TRANSIT DAYS - To the right of the carrier icon and above the dollar amount is the carriers service data.
The first character will be either a 'D' or an 'I,' which shows if this is a direct or interline point.
The second character will be a number from 0 thorough 9, this is the carriers standard days of service. A zero means the data is not available.
CARRIER SELECTION - To select a carrier simply click on the carrier icon. The second carrier was selected due to transit time first and cost second; a carrier code and the bill amount are now showing in the bottom grid. If you wish to assign a pro number before you print the bill of lading, simple go back to the pro field, enter the data, and re-save. You are now ready to print the bill of lading. The print button is in the upper left of the screen.
SPREAD - The spread amount above the carrier icons is the difference between the lowest can the highest carrier rate.
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Run rates print BOL customer location shipment date edit buttons
New shipment consignee name street address special instructions shipment number bill of lading number
Origin postal code destination zip code consignee city state zip prefered carriers pro purchase order number of skids accessorial charges freight terms bill to location
Shipment details product item number piece count weight wt hz hazardous materials product description nmfc item number dollar spread between highest and lowest carrier shipment date destination city zip code total cost carrier selected
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