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Free BOL / Bill of Lading Template
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Bill of Lading Template - FAQ
Q - How do I download the template?
A - Setup Steps
1) Open Bill of Lading. web page.
2) Use your browser's SAVE AS feature to save this page to your computer. (See image bottom at the bottom of this page.)
3) The open template on your computer. If you can print from your browser, you should be able to print this Bill of Lading.
4) Enter required shipping data, use your browsers PRINT function to print. Use your browsers PAGE SETUP to center the form on your printer.
Q - What support is offered for the template?
A - Transnet does not offer any support for the template, it is offered 'as is.'
Q - Do I have to re-type my data on every shipment?
Y - Yes, with the template there are not any defaults.
Y - If you would like any of these fields defaulted, please send your request via email including the data you want to default. The .htm template will be sent to you by return email. Fields that can be defaulted include: Shipper / Addr / City / State / Zip, Bill To, Freight Terms, HazMat, Descriptions, Freight Class, NMFC & NMFC-Sub Id.
Y - If you need more than just a template, check out our rate and bill of lading systems.
Q - How do I center the form on my printer?
Y - The form is designed to print on standard 8-1/2 x 11 paper, if it is not printing properly, you will need to change your browser margin settings. (under FILE / PAGE SETUP)

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