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$$ Transnet Rating Systems calculates all the carrier rates for every shipment. Within seconds of entering a shipment the charges are shown and compared side by side for each of the selected carriers.

$$ Transnet Rating Systems checks the service for every shipment. No need to purchase a “complete” route guide nor to look in every carrier's guide.

$$ Transnet Rating Systems generates an audit report, which allows you to check your freight bills for errors before you pay the bill. No need to outsource your freight bill auditing.

$$ Transnet Rating Systems can generate your bills of lading, either on plain paper, or for a one time setup charge, on your form feed printer. This improves the image of your company, and provides the carrier with a legible copy, reducing their billing errors to you.

$$ Transnet Rating Systems keeps your company in control, no middleman involved. You have the direct contact with the carriers actually moving your freight.

$$ Transnet Rating Systems also provides you with many other kinds of reports. (If you don’t see one you need, just ask.)

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