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Bills of Lading
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Bill of Lading
  Generic -
from Delta Rater
either Delta Rater
or Manifest Rater
  Custom -
from Manifest Rater
Form Feed -
from Delta Rater (extra cost)
  Bill of Lading Thumb1   Bill of Lading Thumb2   Bill of Lading Thumb3 Bill of Lading Thumb4  
Labels (Setup charge applies to all)
        Bar Code
        This carton contains
Reports These are samples, custom reports can be created or data exported for creating your own reports
        Bill Audit
        Daily report
        Discount report
        Monthly Report
        Cost vs lowest carier
        Selected carrier vs lowest carrier
        Monthly report - by State
        Monthly report - by Zip

Generic - from Delta Rater
Generic bill of Lading

Form Feed - from Delta Rater (extra cost)

Form Feed Bill of Lading

Custom - from Manifest Rater

Custom Bill of Lading

Current (as of 8/11/02)
VICS bill of lading

VICs bill of lading

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