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Manifest Rater | Tutorial >>>

Manifest Rater / Freight Manager- Combine all your LTL Rates in to one program
- Combine shipments by customer
- Provides carrier Rates and Routes
- Print master Bills of Lading
- Use defaults or import data
Note: We have chosen not to use current carriers logo's on our website as these are examples only and we do not want to show any one carrier being better (or worse) than others.
SHIPPER - Origin Zip Code - Hazardous - Freight Terms
DEFAULTS - Freight Class - Description - NMFC Item
(In white)
CONSIGNEE - Address - Freight Terms - Bill To
DEFAULTS - Message - Preferred Carriers
(In Yellow)
Select Ship From Customer Job Number Find Shipment Edit Cancel Delete
Select New Duplicate Order Save View Dollar Spead Between Carriers
select consignee name street address shippers initials job number cartons quanity of cartons view lowest carrier
select consignee city state zip postal code purchase order number unit part number
consignees perferred carriers bill to name release number revision number total weight number of skids total cartons total quanity of units within packages
conplete partial shipment special instructions call before delivery shipment description freight class freight payment terms
shipment ready yes no print barcode print labels print bill of lading bol shipment type job number consignee name carrier name destination city zip postal code
shipment summery job entry current jobs archive history
Of the five carriers shown in this example, all are 'D' / direct, their service standard is from 1 to 4 days , and there is a cost spread between the lowest and highest is $85.83.  

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  Manifest Rater Tutorial Links  
GENERAL - Defaults - Overview - Origin Zip Code - Shipment Message
CONSIGNEE - Defaults - New - Confirm -Address - City
BILLING - Freight Terms - Bill To
TRACKING - Bill of Lading # - Carrier Pro #
DETAIL - Product Weight - Product Description - Freight Class - Shipment Status
- Qty of Pkg - Qty per Pkg - Type of Pkg - Skids
- Shippers # - Purchase Order # - Intials - Part Number
SELECTION - Rating Shipment - Carrier Selection
  Manifest Rater - Text Only Tutorial  

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