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Because this program is designed for the shipping dock we have the origin zip code set based on the SHIPPER / LOCATION setting. The LOCATIONS (see SET UP) setting allows you to ship under multiple names if required.
This version requires you to enter all the information needed to create a bill of lading. With this information we can also generate audit reports for our accounts payable department. This program is recommended if we generally ship multiple shipments to each customer. By grouping the shipments by customer, it allows us to combine all of our shipments for a customer on a single bill of lading. All open shipments display on the "Current Jobs" tab. The "Archive" tab is to search for orders that have already shipped. Across the top are the buttons to find one of today's orders by order number, edit an existing order, cancel the current order, or delete an existing order. The next row includes buttons to rate a shipment, start a new order, start a second order for the current customer, save the current order, or to print.  
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GENERAL - Defaults - Overview - Origin Zip Code - Shipment Message
CONSIGNEE - Defaults - New - Confirm -Address - City
BILLING - Freight Terms - Bill To
TRACKING - Bill of Lading # - Carrier Pro #
DETAIL - Product Weight - Product Description - Freight Class - Shipment Status
- Qty of Pkg - Qty per Pkg - Type of Pkg - Skids
- Shippers # - Purchase Order # - Intials - Part Number
SELECTION - Rating Shipment - Carrier Selection
  Manifest Rater - Text Only Tutorial  

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