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On this version of our program, there is both a customer and a consignee field; the consignee can be set to default based on the customer. Start typing the name of the customer. If your customer is in the list, select and tab to the next area. If the correct customer is not in the list, keep typing the complete company name. You will then be prompted to type in additional information; you will go through the 'setup' details when you enter a new consignee. This will bring up any open orders for this customer.

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GENERAL - Defaults - Overview - Origin Zip Code - Shipment Message
CONSIGNEE - Defaults - New - Confirm -Address - City
BILLING - Freight Terms - Bill To
TRACKING - Bill of Lading # - Carrier Pro #
DETAIL - Product Weight - Product Description - Freight Class - Shipment Status
- Qty of Pkg - Qty per Pkg - Type of Pkg - Skids
- Shippers # - Purchase Order # - Intials - Part Number
SELECTION - Rating Shipment - Carrier Selection
  Manifest Rater - Text Only Tutorial  

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