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The 'Standard Percent Discount' is the default, to create a different pricing type select form the drop box.
Your pricing choices include;
- DSCT - this is the standard CWT / hundred weight discounting used by most LTL carriers
- FAK / FREIGHT of ALL KINDS - Allows you to enter the actual class on the BL, and discount correctly for carriers with a FAK pricing.
- LINEAR / TL - Allows you to set pricing based on feet / space used / Truck Load.
- PALLET / SKID pricing - Allows you to set per unit pricing, per unit pricing also allows you to set maximum weights for multi-tier pricing.
- ACC / ACCESSORIAL CHARGES - Allows you to set your basic accessorials
- SURCHARGE - Allows you to set carrier surcharges by zip code range.

- ALLOWANCE - Allows you to set carrier allowances by carrier, such as a loading allowance.
- CUBE - Allows you to rate cube pricing against other pricings.

**MOVED - These two have been moved to a new area.
- HANDLING CHARGE - Allows you to add your own fees.
- FC / Fuel (Sur)Charge - Allows setting of carrier FC's by carrier.
Types of Pricing
- Standard / CWT / Percent Discount
- FAK / Freight All Kinds
- Pallet / Skid Pricing
Also Set
- Accessorial Charges
- Carrier Surcharges
- Handling Charges


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