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AMC - This field is for your first, or only, AMC (absolute minimum charge), fill in the dollar amount. If you are entering a single tier AMC, tab through the next fields down to ALL DISCOUNTS.

AMC-MIN WT - this first field is locked to -1-. If you are entering a multi-tier AMC, the second MIN WT drop list will allow you to set the AMC MAX WT plus one pound.

AMC-MAX WT - For carriers with a single AMC, this field set to 19,999#. For carriers with the two tier AMC, select the correct weight break from the drop list. The weight boxes are locked to the weight breaks currently used by LTL carriers.
Types of Pricing
- Standard / CWT / Percent Discount
- FAK / Freight All Kinds
- Pallet / Skid Pricing
Also Set
- Accessorial Charges
- Carrier Surcharges
- Handling Charges
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