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Pricing / Discounting

(All Programs)

A brief overview of the screen before getting started on the details. A summary of your carriers pricing are in the bottom left corner; clicking on the (+) will display details for that carrier. In the upper right corner are the types of pricing that you can set. All programs include STD (hundred weight discounting) and FAK (class exception)pricing.

Types of Pricing
- Standard / CWT / Percent Discount
- FAK / Freight All Kinds
- Pallet / Skid Pricing
- Linear / Per Foot / TL
- Accessorial Charges
- Carrier Surcharges
- Carrier Allowances
- Cube Pricing
Also Set
- FC / Fuel ( Sur)charges
- Handling Charges
Transnet Rating Systems' pricing program is included in all of our software, but because it is such an import part, we have given it its own section. Transnet Rating Systems updates the carrier rates as required, but you will be will be updating the carrier pricing. You can keep it as simple or make it as complex as you want. With this program you could set a different discount for each weight break, of each class of each kind of freight terms, for every zip code in North America. Helping the carriers focus in on (selectively discount) the freight they want is a major way that this program can help you save freight costs.
This is a brief overview of the screen before getting started on the details. In the upper left are the control buttons, new, save, edit, cancel, delete and help. Under the buttons is where you will start your order by selecting the carrier and type of discount. A summary of your carriers pricing are in the grid in the bottom left corner; clicking on the (+) next to the carrier will display details for that carrier. In the upper right corner are tabs for the types of pricing that you can set. STD (hundred weight discounting), and FAK (class exception) are available with all versions. Pallet pricing, linear foot pricing and accessorial charges only available with the Delta Rater and Freight Manger programs. Transnet Rating Systems will include all company locations in the location field when the program is installed. Before pricing can be entered for a carrier, you must first make them an active carrier, in the active carrier list.
First you will start a new discount by clicking on NEW. The next area has two tabs, a basic and detail; you can switch between them at any time. The basic tab includes the shipper location, carrier, type of pricing, and freight terms it applies to. The details tab includes all of the basic information plus a setting for direct or interline, inbound or outbound and settings for zip code pricing. To do a detail pricing, you will start at the location field, if the field is left blank the pricing will apply to all locations. If you select a location from the drop list, this discount will apply to only that location. The RATE BASE field is also a drop list; it will search your preferred carriers until it finds the match. Once a match has been found you will then tab to TYPE.
Your pricing type choices are STD, FAK, pallet, or linear.
In the direct-interline field you select whether the pricing applies to direct or interline shipments or both.
In the in-out field, you select whether this discount applies on inbound or outbound freight or both.
The zip code fields are set to default to "all," but they can be set to individual zip codes or zip code spreads.
There are currently two MC tabs settings. For most carriers you will only use the first one. In 1998 some of the carriers started using a two tier minimum charge; for those carriers you will also have to use MC2.
The first box in this area is the MC discount.
There is a field for the FC (fuel surcharge).
There is a field for our first, or only, AMC (absolute minimum charge).
There is a field for entering the minimum and maximum weight for this AMC. These boxes are locked to the weight breaks currently used by the carriers. The 19,999 setting is used as the top weight.
The last fields or for the weight discounts; the ALL DISCOUNTS field will set defaults to apply to all freight classes. The minimum and maximum weights will also apply to all freight classes. There are fields for discount, minimum and maximum weights for each freight class, this allows you to set individual discounts including or excluding classes and weight breaks as needed.
The Class exception (FAK) screen is very basic, your pricing can be set to apply to one, some or all freight classes. The direct-interline, in-out, freight terms and zip code fields apply to the FAK pricing also.

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