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Note: We have chosen not to use current carriers logo's on our website as these are examples only and we do not want to show any one carrier being better (or worse) than others.
Scroll down to view each program and overview, or click on one of the following links to go directly to a program tutorial.
QUICK QUOTER - Local (Stand alone or server) origin specific LTL rate inquiry.
DELTA RATER - Local (Stand alone or server) origin specific LTL rate inquiry and B/L printing.
MANIFEST RATER - Local (Stand alone) origin specific LTL rating and load builder, with detailed B/L printing.
BATCH RATER - A batch rating module..
BENCH RATER - A benchmarking module that runs rates against benchmarked carriers for rate analysis.
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The most basic program we offer is the QUICK QUOTER. By keying in as little as two pieces of information, it will provide you with the rates and routes for up to twenty less than truckload carriers. This program is designed to be used by the customer service department, purchasing, sales and even accounts payable to do freight bill auditing. It is not able to produce bills of lading or printed auditing reports. If all you need to do is check carrier routes and rate shop, the QUICK QUOTER is the ideal system for you.
File report view setup sorting
Rates printing location date
New to consignee shipment message shippers number bill of lading id
Origin zip code destination zipcode city state postal code pro purchase order number skids pallets accessiorial charges
Item number pieces weight class hz description
The DELTA RATER is our faster, simpler shipping program. If you need a basic software solution for your shipping department, this could be your answer. The program requires more input than the Quick Quoter needed to create a bill of lading and the auditing report. Like all of our LTL systems, The DELTA RATER will do a multi-carrier route and rate shop.
manifest rater tool bar
customer name job find edit cancel
New duplicate save
name address initials job number cartons quanity
City state zip part number po
bill to release revision number total pieces weight
partial shipment complete message freight terms class
ready print barcode labels bill of lading
job list
The highreplicawatches is also a shipping program, but is much more detailed than the Delta Rater. This LTL carrier management system provides much more than multi-carrier routes and rates under one system. It also allows you to import and export data to other programs, more detailed bill of lading, including grouping multiple purchase orders into one shipment, and much more.
The same system is used to find routes and rates for all three of our less than truckload software programs. (See our detailed section on carrier pricing.) The difference between products is in what you will need in addition to the carrier rates and routes. If all you need to do is rate shop for the best carrier, use the QUICK QUOTER. If you do need a bill of lading and generally ship only one purchase order per customer and do not need to import data, your choice would be the DELTA RATER. If you do need to import/export data and need to create a detailed bill of lading in addition to the rates and routes, then MANIFEST RATER would be the ideal system for you.
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