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Note: This program can be three simple steps NEW, DESTINATION ZIP CODE, WEIGHT and then let it AUTO RATE. This tutorial covers all options available.
To view the tutorial one step at a time use the 'NEXT' link, or go directly to a step by clicking on the links on the left side of the screen.
> New Order
- Origin Zip
- Destination Zip
- Terms
- HZ
- Accessorial
- ID - (text area)
- Freight Class
- Product Weight
- Pallets
- Pallet Wt
- Multi-Class
- Complete?
- Rating
- Carrier Selection
This version of our program is for simply checking rates. Because we can enter as few as 2 pieces of information, it is simple and quick. It works great for the purchasing department, customer service, estimating, and even shipping (if we are generating your bills of lading from our mainframe). Across the top are the buttons to run rates, cancel the current order and delete an existing order. The date range is to find an existing order in the archives.

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